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Nova Kiosk

A simple & affordable kiosk, with multiple configuration options.

The Nova Kiosk has been designed for simplicity and customer flexibility. Our years of experience, has taught us that each client has specific & unique kiosk needs. In an effort to affordably create a modular solution, we designed the Nova Kiosk. It’s simple and easy to configure options, which can fit almost any kiosk application.

See Pictures of Nova Configurations:
Nova Kiosk Nova Kiosk monitor Nova Kiosk touch sreen monitor Nova Kiosk keyboard Other components of the Nova Kiosk Nova Kiosk front branding panel Nova Kiosk speakers Nova Kiosk Computer

          kiosks Base Model Nova Kiosks

          kiosks Nova Kiosk with Standard Keyboard

          kiosks Nova Kiosk with Tamper-proof Keyboard
          kiosks Nova Kiosk with Front-Panel Branding

          kiosks Nova Kiosk with installed components


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We also listened to our clients, and in this difficult economy, we understand that many clients prefer to use their own pre-existing monitors and computers. The Nova Kiosk will accommodate any 15-inch to 19-inch monitor. You can also install your own computer in the kiosk. The Nova fits any standard low-profile computer within the base.

We do sell and install all the hardware computer components, which will give you a full-turn-key kiosk solution, but let’s be honest, we are a kiosk manufacturer. We obviously do not make the computers and touchscreens, we have great pricing and vendor relationships for most components, but our specialty is manufacturing kiosk enclosures.

We absolutely want to earn your business, and sometimes, telling you to source your own components is simply in your best interests. Contact us, and we can discuss it.


1. Monitor

You may purchase your own monitor at Best Buy (or wherever). Throw way the monitor stand, and use the same mounting holes to secure the monitor to our Nova VESA mount bracket. All cables cleanly run into the support poles, and connect to the computer down in the base. We have (2) size variations of the Nova Kiosk, so please tell us the width of the monitor you plan on using.

2. Touchscreen Monitor

We have tested numerous touchscreen vendors and choose to sell ELO brand monitors. We have a specialty bezel and mounting configuration, which is designed to specifically fit our Nova Kiosk. We recommend, if your kiosk application requires a touchscreen monitor, that you purchase the monitor from us. We have great pricing, and it ensures that the monitor is the correct fit for kiosk.

3. Keyboard

Whatever your kiosk application, we always recommend a keyboard solution (even if you plan on using a touchscreen). Quite simply, for any prolonged data input (name, address, etc.), it's much easier to use a keyboard/trackball. The Nova offers (2) options for keyboard solutions: a standard plastic keyboard with a mousepad or a stainless-steel tamperproof keyboard and trackball.

4. Extra Components

Example: Bill Accepter, Credit Card Reader, Scanner, Printer, etc.
Almost any component may be installed into a kiosk. However, we are not experts of all available components on the market (that's impossible). We are happy to modify our kiosk, to install your specialized components (within space availability). These components get installed into our Secure Nova Box (additional pricing). This Box attaches on the support poles. (see pictures)

5. Front Branding Panel

This is a removable panel, designed for simplicity. The standard color is black. Most clients simply affix a company logo or general kiosk information. Brand-conscious clients opt for a full-scale brand-identity wrap (see pictures). This is an easy and affordable way to give your kiosk a unique look and feel.

The Nova Kiosk is designed so that when you need to change/upgrade your branding, it's a simple change of this panel. Simply remove it and take it to a graphic shop. It's that easy!!

6. Speakers

You have the option of adding speakers into the kiosk. Be careful about making your kiosk application with too much sound.

If the kiosk becomes an annoyance to the staff/employees who listen to the kiosk each and every day, they can sometimes take "revenge" against the noise intrusion.

However... speakers are a great way of grabbing users attention. It's a fine-balance of sound output.

7. Computer

The computer mounts within the base of the Nova Kiosk. The cables run inside the Nova support poles, and connect to the monitor, keyboard, etc. There is a grommet hole on the rear side of the kiosk to allow power and Ethernet connectivity.

Computer Advice:
We prefer if you source you own computer. We are not Dell or Microsoft Tech Support. Computers are a cheap commodity, and can be sourced almost anywhere. In fact, you really don't need the latest and greatest computer power to run your kiosk. You probably have an old computer lying around somewhere that will work just fine.