Cheap Kiosks
Cheap Kiosks
Used Kiosks

From time to time, we are able to pickup kiosks in the secondary market, and pass along a fantastic deal to you. These kiosks are offered, while supplies last. It's first-come, first served. Please check back often, we update this page with new inventory every few days.

FOR SALE: (5) Dual Screen Kiosks, as low as $2,550 each*

These kiosks were manufactured by another kiosk company, and retailed for over $14,500 each. You can buy them here for considerably less.

  • Custom Locking Steel Cabinet
  • 30-inch ELO Interactive Touchscreen Monitor
  • 42-inch LCD Top Monitor for advertising/attraction loop
  • Swecoin Thermal Receipt Printer
  • Watchport Infrared Eye
  • Built-in Speaker System
  • Insert Credit Card Reader
  • Tamperproof Keyboard and Trackball
  • Height - 8'
  • Width - 44"
  • Depth - 19"

Excellent Condition, with only a few minor scratches. If you bought these new, you'd have these scratches as soon as you put these kiosks in a public environment.

These kiosks are located in our Phoenix, Arizona warehouse. These kiosks are very large and heavy. You may pick-up these kiosks yourself, or we can arrange crating and shipping for you. Our estimate for crating is $250 each. Our estimate for shipping is $400 each. Please consider arranging your own transportation, to save yourself a lot of money. Fly into Phoenix. The weather is beautiful, and we'll even pick you up at the airport. You can arrange for a rental truck and easily transport these back to your location.

  •      - P r i c i n g -

  • 1 unit:  $3,950
  • 2 units: $3,600 each
  • 3 units: $3,250 each
  • 4 units: $2,900 each
  • 5 units: $2,550 each

* Price per unit for a purchase of 5 (five) units. Shipping and crating fees apply.