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Cheap Kiosks
Timeout Software

Timeout device for Kiosks

Power Reboot / Timeout Device
Software instructions

Copy the software from disk to desktop. will create a folder on the C: drive called TimeOut

Right mouse click on the "watchdog" icon

Create a shortcut for "watchdog"

(Optional) Right click on the shortcut icon, and set RUN to minimized

Add the shortcut to your startup group (each operating system is different)

Attach the power from the computer to the Reboot Device

Using an extra "Power Cable" (not provided), plug the reboot device into the wall power outlet (or any power source).

Using an extra "Serial Cable" (not provided), connect the reboot device to the computer. Use COM port 1.

Restart the computer (sometimes you need to restart 2X)

The reboot device will be running in the background.