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Timeout device for Kiosks

This may be the most important part of your kiosk! This simple device searches the computer for "normal operating pulses", and when it does not find the correct signal, it automatically reboots the computer back to its original state. It almost guarantees that your kiosk remains operating 24 hrs a day. It's a simple one-time purchase, but it should not be overlooked when designing your kiosk.

Important Information
This device ONLY works once the motherboard settings within the BIOS is modified. It is imperative that your motherboard has a power-setting module within the BIOS. You must change the default setting to "allow reboot upon power failure" (or something similar). Must computers have this feature set at "do not reboot", we assume that's because of potential power surges on restart. We use standard power surge (multi-plug devices) and have never experienced any surge problems. We are not liable for any surge problems you may encounter, but rather, we think our experience speaks for itself.

PRICE: $100

Extra Power Cord: $6
Extra Serial Cord: $6

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