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Cheap Kiosks

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SurferQuest Internet Kiosk Software developed to offer public access to all computer and Internet features. The Internet kiosk is secured against hacks, viruses and disk clutter and consists of a payment portal that accepts Credit Card, Prepaid Card and Bill Payments.

SurferQuest Kiosk Software works best on your Lobby, Business Center and Internet Café computers. Monitor your usage or upload your advertisements remotely through the Statistics and Management Application.

If you would like to learn more about this software or test it, please contact us or you can call SurferQuest directly at 1-888-733-4365.


SurferQuest Light
(No Payment Portal)

SurferQuest Light
(Includes Payment Portal)

SurferQuest Internet Café Software
Free use of the SurferQuest Security (anti-Virus, anti-Hack, anti-disk clutter)
Software and Prepaid Card Portal
Free use of Digital Signage (display advertisements)