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The printing application can be the most difficult part of the entire kiosk solution, but we vendor many different types of printers, so we can help find you the right printer (for the right price) for your application.

Printer Education
While there is no cookie-cutter approach for selecting the right printer for each and every kiosk application, we can easily eliminate some common types of printers that may be considered:

Dot-Matrix Printers: Do we really need to discuss this one? Slow, loud, ribbons, and you can't even find a tech/ repairman anymore. Enough said.

Ink Jet Printers: OK, these are better than dot matrix, but they still make a lot of noise, are quite slow, use a ton of ink (which is expensive), and they tend to jam frequently. Unless you want it to be someone's job to monitor the kiosk printer for toner level and jams , I suggest not using an inkjet.

Laser Printers: Yes, laser may seem to be a good choice. However, most lasers printers release the printed-paper into a top-deck tray area. Kiosks need the paper to feed outward or eject away from the kiosk. There are some add-on attachments for this, but it's usually an after-thought in the design process, so they frequently jam. Also, paper trays are notoriously small, so reloading the paper becomes a job. Add the price of expensive and messy toner cartridges and laser becomes less than desirable.

Thermal Printers: No, not like the old-style fax machines. Today's thermals are much more advanced, with paper that feels very much like standard paper...and the use of quality paper makes the print out as long lasting as anything out there. They jam much less and have methods of clearing jams themselves. They can hold huge rolls of paper (equivalent of over 1,000 8.5x11sheets of paper) , so refilling is not an issue. They do not use ink, so that eliminates the re-filling problem. All told, thermals printers are the smartest choice for a kiosk. Some may balk at the relatively high price of thermal printers. However, the lifetime cost will be much lower with a thermal because you'll save money on toner/ink ribbons and and spend less labor time clearing jams and refilling paper.

PRICE: $1,465
Full page (8 1/2 X 11)

PRICE: $645
80mm (3 1/2-inch)

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