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Timeout device for Kiosks
Re-enforced Keyboard & Trackball

Keyboards for Kiosks
Full Tamper-Proof Keyboard & Trackball

We offer three types of data input & navigation devices for kiosks
- Standard Mouse & Keyboard
- Re-enforced Keyboard & Trackball
- Full Tamper-Proof Keyboard & Trackball

Standard Mouse & Keyboard: These are the standard components that are probably on your desk right now. They work extremely well, and if broken, they are very inexpensive to replace. They also will work well in a kiosk environment, but there are a few drawbacks. The keyboard is spill resistant, not spill proof. The keys can be popped out and removed, but that is relatively uncommon. The $.05 mouse ball that can be removed for cleaning is a killer problem for kiosks, without it, your kiosk cannot function. Luckily there is a cheap solution: "crazy-glue". Simply secure the ball within the mouse; yes, you now cannot clean the mouse, but replace it every 3 months for $2 and away you go. If you buy your computer components from us, we include standard mouse and keyboards with your purchase; otherwise, we do not sell these as single items.

Re-enforced Keyboard & Trackball: We highly recommend using this for your kiosk application. It is a single unit, one button keyboard & Trackball solution. Trackballs are the preferred navigation device for kiosks. They are user-friendly, and very reliable. The keyboard is re-enforced and housed in a brushed stainless steel fitting. It is not 100% tamper proof, but it is a very very reliable solution for your kiosk.

Full Tamper-Proof Keyboard & Trackball: This keyboard is not for everyone. It is very durable: tamper and spill proof, but it's also very expensive. It has a stainless steel fascia and keytops, wipe clean and sealed to IP65 standards. This is the top-of-the-line in keyboards, but we rarely sell it due to cost.


Standard Mouse & Keyboard
included with some Kiosk purchases. Not sold separately..

Keyboards/Trackballs for Kiosks
Includes USB interface cable,
USB keyboard emulation.

Full Tamper Proof
Keyboard & Trackball
: $445