Cheap Kiosks
Cheap Kiosks

We understand that each client and each project has their own specific needs and applications within the marketplace. Creating one (1) turnkey-kiosk to meet ALL objectives is virtually impossible for kiosk manufacturers, such as us. To simplify the process, and give the client an affordable approach to custom kiosks, we came up with the following steps:

  1. We charge a 1-time $3,500 design and CAD fee.
  2. We consult with the client to understand the desired application.
  3. We decide upon all the hardware components to be mounted within the kiosk enclosure. Once determined, we require to physically have on-hand ALL kiosk components. The client may supply the hardware components to us, or we can source these items directly for the client.
  4. The design process of the physical kiosk is a give & take process between our designer and a representative of the client.
  5. Once basic drawings are completed (and approved), we move the picture models into CAD
  6. Once the CAD drawings are completed (and approved), we move the CAD into mechanical drawings.
  7. The mechanical drawings essentially layout a material list for manufacturing. It tells us how much material we will need. It lays out: cuts, bends, welds, paint, and assembly & finishing time.
  8. Once this process is completed, we can accurately price production of your kiosk. We give you pricing for: 1,5,10+ units.

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9. At this time, you decide upon to build the kiosk. You own the CAD drawings, and are free to price compare, though we have never been beaten on affordability.

10. The $3500 fee covers most of our upfront cost associated with the project, but we obviously make our money on production of the kiosks. When your total kiosk order reaches 25-units, we will fully credit your $3500 design fee.

We look forward to helping your kiosk project become a success. Please contact us if you have any questions. Thank you for the opportunity to earn your business.