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Credit Card Components

Timeout device for Kiosks

Insert vs. Swipe
For kiosk applications, we prefer to install insert style credit & smart card reader. Almost the entire component can be mounted within the enclosure. This adds a huge level of security to your application.Swipes are less expensive, but they can easily be "broken-off" from the kiosk housing. For functionality purposes, they are both very similar.

Swipe: Works with existing software applications developed for keyboard interface. Powered by USB bus-no external power supply required. Hardware compatible with any computer or terminal with an USB interface.Dual and three track capability. Bi-directional read capability, Reads encoded cards that meet ISO/ANSI/CDL/AAMVA standards Up to 1,000,000 passes with ISO-conforming cards.

Insert: Magnetic stripe reader and smart card reader. 8 or 16 contacts. Smart card contacts up to 1,000,000 insertions. Magnetic head up to 1,000,000 passes.

Credit Card Swipe
Includes USB interface cable, USB keyboard emulation.

Credit Card Insert