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First Things First:
"A computer is a computer, is a computer"

For the most part, computers used in kiosks are no different than the computer on your desktop. However, there are some important features/characteristics to look for when designing your own kiosk-based computer system. Email us, and we'll send you file on "what to look for".

We sell & install computers into our kiosks, so we can offer our customers a turnkey kiosk solution. We have some excellent vendor relationships, which allows us to buy computers pretty cheap, but we would never claim to be the cheapest supplier of computers. CheapKiosks is one of the few kiosk maufacturers that endorses customers who use and install their own computer components. If you prefer, ship us the computers, and we will mount and install them into the kiosk for you.
A minor fee may apply.



PRICE: $765
1 Low profile Intel Celleron 1.7 GHZ, 128MG, 20GB HD, Windows 2000 Pro, 3 Serial ports, 52X CD Rom, 3.5" disk, Video, Sound, 10/100 ethernet or internal Modem , mouse & keyboard.

Special Note:
Most kiosk applications do not need the latest & greatest computer. Most applications that we see, can run on a very bare or basic machine. Money spent on super-computers is just overkill, but if you really want it, we can get those too.